Siri, a young lady with an inspirational story is moving to Cloverdale from San Francisco, soon. In spite of her challenges due to autism, she inspired many with her talents and reached out through her appearances on TV, Print Media and her Social Network.

Siri was born and raised in San Francisco and is the oldest of three children to her parents who migrated from India. When Siri was 22yrs old, her mother trained her to make care packages for the soldiers in the army which eventually turned into an online jewelry making business.

Before pandemic Siri was involved in functional fitness, boxing, fitness dancing, horse riding, ice-skating and also started working at the Goodwill store. Unfortunately, all her activity stopped when the pandemic arrived in 2020. Recently, Siri restarted her training in boxing and functional fitness with a professional in Mixed Martial Arts. She continues to make jewelry and started sewing. Siri’s family is excited about a documentary in the making of her story to bring awareness to autism with a title “My Name is Siri”.

Siri can be followed on her social media channels; YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Face Book Page, Tumblr, Pinterest all under “Designs By Siri”. Don’t miss visiting her website to see her beautiful handmade items.

Siri’s family is looking forward to making many sweet memories in Cloverdale.