Now we might begin to see New Year’s resolutions starting to fade as we revert into the usual routine of the year. If improving health was part of your resolution, don’t give up just yet! HAES – Health At Every Size – is a growing philosophy that embraces self-acceptance to empower you to make positive changes to live a healthy lifestyle. Research tells us that at least 95% of the weight lost through restrictive dieting is regained within 1-5 years – and MORE weight is often gained back. HAES seeks to support people of all sizes in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviors. A primary goal of HAES is to remove the focus from your weight and focus more on the whole person, encouraging you to eat in a way that focuses on the enjoyment of food while honoring your body’s cues. We call this “Intuitive Eating” – listening to your internal system that is designed to keep you healthy and
provides signals of hunger, fullness, and appetite.

One method that you can use to help recognize these internal cues is “Mindfulness”. There are a few steps to mindful eating, but one of my favorites is to focus on all of your senses while cooking and eating your food. Thinking about the colors, texture, aroma, taste, and even sound can help you slow down and truly enjoy your food. You’ll be more likely to listen to that fullness cue too. So, be body positive, practice compassionate self-care, and hold on to that energy throughout 2022!

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