As we all dive into our first post-Covid summer I reached out to my tribe to get some ideas on how we can all support each other and our community while re-engaging with society. HUGE thanks and love to Savannah Snyde, Jenn Craig, Ashley Porter and of course my mom Jude for helping round out some great ideas!

  1. Consider bringing a water bottle along on walks with your pups through neighborhoods, so as they do their business you can sprinkle over their tinkle so to speak to help keep it from burning lawns that are running on precious little water and to show respect to those who have worked hard to keep lawns green.
  2. Rock it old school and bake a yummy treat to either welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood or an old one to remind them how appreciated they are.
  3. Offer some of the fruits of your labors in your garden to an elderly friend/neighbor in need.
  4. If you know someone is older or disabled in some way when walking, take their paper from their driveway and put it on their porch to save them from going out into the heat.
  5. Offer water to your mail carrier, garbage pick-up guys or honestly anyone looking in need!
  6. When out walking, carry a bag to pick up garbage along the way.
  7. The chalk revolution does not need to end with quarantine! Leave a message of hope or even a bucket of chalk so kids walking by can color and create some joy.
  8. Remember to ask permission before hugging someone as you may not know what their current anxieties are on the subject.
  9. Embrace patience. Everyone has been through the same storm the last year +, but not all in the same boat. Slow down and be mindful that we all recover from traumas at a different pace, so be kind.
  10. Lastly and one of the most important, as many of us celebrate the mask restrictions being lifted, please remember many will still be wearing masks and often it will not be Covid related at all. Again, an exercise in respect, we have no idea why others may still have a need. Don’t take it personally, just be happy that you don’t have to any longer and let it go.