The Cloverdale History Museum is set to reopen in July. Visitors will be treated to 3 new exhibits:

POMO BASKETS from the private collection of Silver Galleto, himself an accomplished weaver and member of the Pomo Cloverdale Rancheria. Baskets were created for practical purposes but also to trade with other tribes, often decorated with beads, polished abalone shells, and bird feathers. Come see beautiful examples on exhibit in the museum.

POP McCRAY and his rustic resort, the Old Homestead built in 1900, which could accommodate 100 guests in cottage tents, plus 40 rooms in a large hotel. He established a beach on the river with rowboats and a large paddlewheel boat. Visitors came mostly by train. The resort was totally self-sustaining, growing vegetables and Pop hunting enough game to feed guests. Learn more about this early pioneer, who arrived in Cloverdale in 1864 after a 6 month journey west, with Pop driving the oxen, by visiting the Museum photo and video display on the first floor.

The LUMBER INDUSTRY’s importance in Cloverdale history from 1850-1900 will be revealed In the first floor Cooley Room, now renamed the Redwood Room. Photos and early lumbering enterprises will remind you of days gone by.

The Cloverdale History Museum
215 N. Cloverdale Blvd.