Whisker Talk

Brigid Wasson

“Helping pet lovers live their best life”

Every 4th of July, thousands of dogs around the US go missing. The sound of fireworks is so loud and unusual that it frightens them into hiding and running away. Here are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening to your dog.
1) Make sure your dog has identification including a collar with tag (worn at all times) and a registered microchip. This will ensure his quick return should he go missing.
2) Secure your home on and around the 4th. Ideally your dog will be inside the house with windows and doors closed. If outside, make sure the fence and gates are in good order. I once saw an old Labrador scale a six foot fence after hearing firecrackers!
3) Don’t take your dog to events. While socializing with your dog is fun, if he runs away in an unfamiliar area he may be much harder to find.
4) Use only safe and sane fireworks at home. If you’re not a pet owner you may not be aware of the impact that illegal fireworks have on pets. Be a good neighbor and enjoy the big fireworks at a legal and safe show.