“Helping pet lovers live their best life”
by Brigid Wasson

Many folks are looking forward to visiting friends and family and exploring new places, after the covid lockdown. Some of you will want to bring your pets along, and there are some important considerations before doing so.

First, does your pet travel well? The majority of cats don’t, although there are a few who enjoy accompanying their families on RV trips and even walking on a leash! Many dogs enjoy travel, but not all. Some are stressed away from home or will behave aggressively around strange dogs or crowds of unknown people. Some dogs get carsick, which could be a minor inconvenience on a shorter drive or days of misery on a long road trip.

How will you keep your pet secure while traveling? Is your dog used to being on a leash or hanging out in a crate? These tools can help keep him contained and safe in many situations. Do your research on your travel destinations. Are they pet friendly? What are the rules? Are there times you will not be able to bring your pet along, such as on tours or sports activities. Who will look after your pet at those times?

Packing well is as important for pets as for people. Make a list of items you will need including food, medications, toys, and bedding. Is your pet up to date on vaccines? bring the records along in case they are required at hotels or other places you may visit. A little planning will make your vacation with pets a fun and memorable one.

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