I think May is my favorite month of the year! The hills are still green; my fruit trees are plump with the promise of apples, apricots,
peaches, pears and figs; the orange, red and yellow nasturtiums are creeping
everywhere; the irises are putting on a show; the roses and
peonies are almost ready to burst into flower; the sun-
flower seedlings are higher every day; the garden fountain is
gurgling; the patio furniture and bright pillows and
umbrellas are out; there are birds everywhere and the
bullfrogs are calling from the pond. I am surrounded by so much new life! In our family, the twin babies from one set of parents are thriving and a new grandbaby is expected in September from another set of parents.
Running my errands around town to the post office, the
grocery store, the Chamber – everyone seems to be waving and smiling (at least it looks that way behind their masks). It feels like good things are coming our way!
I’ll see you around town!