Finally, the New Year is here! Most of us are feeling hopeful that 2021 will bring relief to many of the “dramas” that occupied most of 2020.  I know I am. I’m looking forward to being able to visit my daughter and her family who live out of state most of all. 

This January issue of Cloverdale Connect is already our 7th issue. Once again, I want to extend an enormous “Thank You” to our readers and especially our sponsoring advertisers. As Cloverdale Connect grows and evolves, I welcome the comments that I receive from our readers, letting me know how much you enjoy the paper. Here are some reader comments: “”I just want to let you know how much I enjoy the Cloverdale Connect paper. These nice uplifting stories are good for the soul.  It will be nice to look forward to the little paper of happiness.” “”Thank you for creating this little paper” and “”Great local paper.  Loved finding it in our mailbox today!”

Recently I was in the post office picking up my mail and I watched as someone retrieved their copy of the December issue of Cloverdale Connect and discarded it on the table in the post office lobby. Saddened, I couldn’t help myself and boldly asked “Don’t you like Cloverdale Connect?” Anticipating criticism, I waited for their reply and was so happy to hear “Oh no, we love it but we get one at home and wanted to share this copy with someone else”. I thanked them and left the post office happy. Thank you, Cloverdale.