Happier New Year

4 Who had an online Holiday album?
5 Who sold Xmas trees to benefit our community?
8 Who has expanded their curbside service for book lovers?
9 What’s the name of the girls’ baking business?
10 What was collected to help with CHS project grad?
11 What might be available this year to combat COVID?
13 What was the name of the old brewery in town?
14 What appears in the woods after the rain?

1 Who created a Holiday Cookie Book?
2 What’s the name of the program that provides gifts for the children in our community?
3 What should we continue to wear?
4 Who organized our fantastic Holiday events in town?
6 Who collected toys for our community kids at the firehouse?
7 Where can you get a manicure and pedicure in town?
12 What did the Cloverdale Lions recently install in the front yard at the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center?