News, advice, and observations on life with
pets by Brigid Wasson

With covid restrictions lowered and social distance practices becoming the norm, many of you are looking forward to a holiday visit with family. If you have pets, now’s the time to plan for their care while you are away.

Don’t wait till the last minute! Kennels and pet sitters book well in advance for holidays. Your friend or neighbor may not be available, or they may be too busy to look after your pets.

Once you’ve found someone to care for your critters, arrange to meet them and make sure everyone gets along. Some dogs are not good with strangers and may not tolerate someone coming into the home. Kenneling may be a better option. Indoor/outdoor cats may hide when a stranger is around. Keeping them indoors while you’re away will ensure their safety.

Stock up on food and other supplies and leave clear instructions. Everyone cares for their pets a little differently, so don’t assume. Make sure medications are clearly labeled and doses clearly and accurately noted.

Let your veterinarian know who will be caring for your pets. In today’s world of cell phones, we can usually be reached at any time, but in case you can’t, you’ll want your sitter to be able to authorize care in case of an emergency.

Planning ahead and  following these steps will help you have an enjoyable holiday.