Reach for Home understands that the greatest reduction in homeless populations occurs when there are established relationships between healthcare, housing services and treatment. Conversely, in areas of the county with limited services, including North County, homeless numbers increase. Due to the acuteness of their mental and physical condition, this population often resists housing opportunities, thereby creating more homelessness.

Reach For Home offers the only Street Medicine team in Sonoma County and are one of the few agencies that provide direct support to approximately 250 of the most vulnerable people who call the North County their home. In Cloverdale, their team goes directly to the encampments to provide critical care and to build relationships with people who are distrustful of institutionalized settings. They track their progress through the county’s information software as well as Vertical Change software (client management, data collection, impact reporting) and are required to report achievement of goals on a quarterly basis. Jackie, Rick and Jim provide transportation to those individuals that work with the agency so they can meet with primary care physicians or connect with social services.

In the early stages of COVID-19, when the SIP order was first issued, Reach For Home distributed food to the encampments. As this crisis continues, they perform wellness checks and distribute masks for the safety of their clients. By the end of 2020, they hope to purchase a medical van to provide confidentiality and a safe place for medication management and medically assisted treatments.

Reach for Home believes if they provide this type of care, more people will seek housing but without it, more people suffer mentally and physically due to unhealthy living conditions. Please click on the donate button at if you wish to support their efforts or go to the site to learn more about how you can help.