Welcome to the first edition of Cloverdale Connect.
We know that you will enjoy this issue and support our local merchants who make this publication possible. This has been a challenging year for all of us in Cloverdale – many events cancelled, plans altered, jobs lost, businesses
changed forever, however Cloverdale is a strong community and we support each other. Cloverdale Connect reaches out to the community, connecting us and providing information about events, people, and our wonderful service clubs and non-profits as we share all that is good about where we live. Feel free to send Letters to the Editor to info@cloverdaleconnect.com or P.O. Box 404.

Be involved – send photos, press releases, non-profit news, event calendars, ideas for articles or even consider writing a column for the paper. If you are a local business, use Cloverdale Connect to reach your neighbors to tell them about your business – contact us for advertising information.

Cloverdale Connect is published every month and is direct mailed to over 5800 households in the Cloverdale area and also distributed at participating merchant locations and the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce for a total of 6,000 copies each month. Cloverdale Connect is our publication for our community. See you around town!