Clearwater Ranch is a housing project in Cloverdale where families are creating a safe, wholesome housing for their special needs adult children to support life-long independence. Families of individuals with developmental disabilities banded together to develop integrated housing where people with and without disabilities can live together. This group of active parents partnered with Living Unlimited, a San Francisco Bay Area based non-profit, to design, develop and implement a life-long housing solution for their loved ones. The mission is to provide life-long housing and community that empowers them to live their lives to the fullest potential with dignity, purpose, and joy.

Clearwater Ranch is on an eighty-four acre piece of land which includes:
– Nine single-level homes where the individuals can live in a family environment
– A large workshop space for teaching and learning technical skills
– A large multi-purpose hall with class rooms, for social, recreational and learning activities
– A fully equipped commercial kitchen for preparation of food at events
– A shallow swimming pool for the residents’ recreation
– And plenty of open space for a garden, farm, livestock or any other enriching enterprise

Currently, houses are being remodeled and upgraded before the residents can move in. When Clearwater Ranch is fully subscribed, it will house 24 young adults with various disabilities plus other neuro-typical individuals. It will be a safe and secure place with potential for growth and learning. Clearwater Ranch is a private company, working as an ownership model housing, where families can buy a share which will then provide a room for their loved one for the rest of their life in a clean, beautiful environment.

If anyone is interested to know more about Clearwater Ranch, they can check out the website There are events happening online and at the Ranch where one can RSVP to join. We are always looking for people who can enrich the lives of those living at the Ranch: a) People who would like to live and work at the Ranch. b) Coaches, teachers, and mentors; c) Businesses with ideas to develop opportunities for revenue generation using our land. If you would like to talk about a business opportunity, contact Uli at 650-270-7575.

13th Annual Asti Tour de Vine October 9, 2021
Clearwater Ranch