by David Maciel
Sponsored by Ray’s Food Place

Creamy Lemon Chicken

This is a great sauce that has a very creamy texture without butter. It can be used on chicken, fish or veggies. I serve it with pasta or rice but a nice salad can work as well
Two chicken breasts boneless & skin off
¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup lemon juice
½ cup vegetable stock or water can be used
One large egg yolk
½ cup chopped garlic & parsley mixed well
Flour for dredging
Lay the chicken on a flat surface and cut horizontally and open the chicken like a book
Lightly salt and pepper each side then dredge in flour.
Heat the olive oil in a sauce pan large enough to fit the chicken
comfortably. Place the floured chicken and brown on each side about ten minutes on medium heat making sure not to burn the flour.
Add the garlic & parsley mixture and veggie stock, mix well. Cover and simmer for ten minutes
While that cooks, add the egg yolk to the lemon juice and mix very well with a pinch of salt
Uncover the chicken and add the lemon mixture stirring to insure it mixes well. The sauce will start to thicken quickly. If is too thick add a little veggie stock. Let simmer for a minute
or two.