April Lance

Backyard Beekeepers  are installing their hives in increasing numbers this year, right in town and around the county. Perhaps people are staying more at home during this COVID 19 pandemic and many are really developing their interest in beekeeping as well as planting gardens, installing fruit trees and growing their own vegetables. Many have searched for an “at home hobby” that only takes about one hour per month and are undertaking Backyard Beekeeping. Keeping bees helps our earth, your own vegetable garden, as well as assisting your neighbors’ efforts. Fruit trees are also more prolific. A hive of honeybees go out up to five miles daily gathering nectar and accomplishing pollination. One hive usually produces double the amount of local honey the bees need to survive, so they have ample extra honey to share with the individual or family that provides them with a hive box and a small space in the backyard.

Local Beekeeper, ApriLLanceBees.com is helping several hundred individuals this Spring set up their own backyard honeybee hives and provides local, gentle, easy to manage honeybees and their well-bred 2021 Spring Queen, ready to go to work for you. Backyard Beekeeping is one of the most popular new hobbies this year. The website: ApriLLanceBees.com has wonderful information. Click on Sweet Notes to new Beekeepers and learn how to get started, where to obtain bees and equipment or check out Interesting Facts About Honeybees for you and your children.

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