by Melanie Hall
February 14, Valentine’s Day, is the date that many people express love to that special someone. It is a great day to let your loved one know how much they are loved by you and it is a good way to be reminded just how important it is to practice self-love. Healthy activities you engage in are the best way to keep you feeling your best so you can then let your light shine on others around you. Here are some fun ideas to keep your heart healthy. Grab your special someone (or your pet) and dance, dance, dance, you will get your heart pumping and have some fun at the same time. Prepare healthy snacks; this can be done ahead of time so when you feel like munching on something it is already to go. Some ideas for snacks are
apples with peanut butter, celery and cream cheese (add raisins to make “ants on a log”) or add some fresh berries to Greek yogurt. Meditate for 20 minutes a day; it can help boost your mental health and overall well-being.

Practice gratitude, let negative energy go and focus on the positive. Be silly, ever since my children knew what rhyming was we have had fun with being slightly competitive with who could have the silliest rhymes along with the longest rhyming session, trust me, this leads to giggles every time. Did you know that just petting a beloved animal can help lower your blood pressure? Are you aware that deep breathing can help you relax? Did you know that walking just 15 minutes a day through your neighborhood can lower your chances of heart disease? These are just a few ideas to help keep life fun and healthy. I am sure you can think of some clever (or silly/fun) ways to keep your heart, mind and body healthy while still staying safe during this time, make time to get started or perhaps keep going!

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