With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Covid numbers sadly on the rise, preparing for Thanksgiving this year will be a new kind of stressful for many as they decide how to safely celebrate. When stress threatens to dampen the joy of a holiday, utilizing a bit of humor is just what the doctor ordered.

Embrace the joy of Thanksgiving in all of its pumpkin glory and take some Covid humor from when TP was flying off the shelves and marry the 2 in celebration?

You’ll need: Toilet paper, fabric of whatever makes you smile in a 18” square, cinnamon sticks for the stem or driftwood and a fresh sprig of leaves or a green ribbon tied around the stick of choice. Super simple to do with a touch of patience and the kiddos can help as well.

First unwind a bit of the TP and bulk up the sides a bit, set on your piece of fabric and then slowly tuck the fabric into the hole in the center. Second, go ahead and insert the cinnamon stick or twig and finish with leaves or a green ribbon. Sure, it may take a few attempts to get your shape the way that makes you smile, but imagine how much laughter could be generated by gifting guests or family members with some holiday cheer that also has a purpose! This year may not look like what we are used to, but with an open heart it can still create some great memories!