Cloverdale is situated at the gateway to the Emerald Triangle and is home to many backyard cannabis growers, licensed cultivators and producers alike. There are many ways to consume or use cannabis products. You can smoke it, eat it, vape it, dab it or rub it on like a lotion. There are products with psychotropic effects or that high feeling and there are those that do not. Depending on how you consume, it may be an immediate response like with smoking a joint or hitting a bong, but when eating a
gummy, chocolate or cookie it may take up to a few hours to take effect. Less can definitely be more with pot. It’s important to read the labeling and ask questions if you’re unclear.

Cannabis comes in a assortment of strains and varieties. At Red Door Remedies, budtenders describe the effects in ways that customers can understand. Each strain has its own unique flavor and experience. The varieties have different effects. Indica is usually for nighttime, an intense relaxing effect, Sativa for daytime, a more stimulating effect, a Hybrid tends to lean more towards one or the other and CBD does not have the high but helps with stress and lack of sleep. Discussing your desired effect will help your Budtender know a bit more about you and what you’re hoping for. Know going in that all products must pass state testing for potency and contaminants before hitting the shelves. What’s on the label is what’s in that package.

When visiting a Dispensary you will have to provide current valid state or government issued ID. Like a driver’s license or passport. If you’re a Medical Patient, please bring your Medical Marijuana Card with you. Most facilities accept cash, debit cards and online payment apps or have an ATM available. If you’re unsure, try calling ahead. There may also be Covid restrictions – take your mask with you, most places will require you wear one.