You can begin to smell Fall in the air now in the early morning and notice how the light is changing. It’s beautiful however we’re still in a dangerous fire season. Please make sure the vegetation is cleared around your home and keep your “go bag” ready – be prepared.

This fall also will bring an important election. No matter what your political preference, please make sure you are registered to vote and then vote this November. And most of all, be kind even if you don’t agree with someone.
Last month, I thanked the community for your heartwarming response to Cloverdale Connect and that support continues to grow. Thank you for all your positive comments. In a time when we are separated from loved ones, unable to go about our lives as we have been accustomed, it’s now more important than ever to Connect.

As Cloverdale Connect grows in distribution numbers and in page count, our goal is to support non-profits, area service clubs and highlight all that is good and positive in our wonderful community. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Be patient, be kind.

I’ll see you around town.