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Celebrate Courtney Jade Davis

Celebrate Courtney Jade Davis

February 6, 1991 – January 5, 2008

Here we are into “2022” and we are glad to see life slowly getting back to normal.

It is good to see people out and about for holiday events, kids playing sports, our community supporting each other, seeing family and friends, Vickey’s Elves and many more things we are grateful for that remind us of you.

We wish you were here and miss you and so many little things about you:   like your funny faces and imitations, your sense of humor, your concern for everyone (including ALL animals), a partner who loves to watch scary movies, collecting pigs, holding kids, Chai Tea Frappuccinos, Ugg boots, playing sports as a team, taking Bully sticks from Lucky, taking the gang to Konocti to see concerts, being our Cinderella, being sad watching “The Little Princess”.  But most of all, loving us with all of your heart.

On Jan. 5, we will be planting another Manzanita at the Cloverdale River Park, which is becoming beautiful over the years…just another thing that you would love to do, Court.

“Life is only as bad as you make it”


Happy Birthday Erma Burden

Happy Birthday Erma Burden

Erma Burden turned 102 last month and celebrated with a party at the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center last week.

Celebrate Mark Gandy

Celebrate Mark Gandy

Mark Gandy

The family of Mark R. Grandy, shares that he departed on October 19, 2021 at the age of 78, in Cloverdale, Ca. He kept his courage and humor through the end and left in the comforts of his own home, and on his own terms, surrounded by love. He will be missed by his loving wife of 50 years, Xandra; daughter, Rebecca Quick (Randy); grandson, Oliver; siblings; Kathie Thorsted, Ben and Stephanie Grandy; stepmother Shirley Grandy (Col. Ben Grandy); cousins Virginia Sorenson (Perry), Chris Denton, and John Hyde (Jean); nieces and nephews; and childhood friend George Entenman. He will also be missed by his Cloverdale & Geyserville friends and his fellow firefighters at Geyserville Fire Department.

Mark was born on March 22, 1943 in Tacoma, Wash. to Col. Ben Grandy of the U.S. Marines and Anita (Kinberg) Christie, a teacher at Berkeley High. He graduated from  Berkeley High School in 1961, and continued to UC Berkeley. He met Xandra in 1968  and moved to Sonoma County in 1971.

Mark was a lifelong learner and researched projects thoroughly before starting them. He was a self-taught carpenter, electrician, and plumber.  He wrote long, thoughtful letters to others; some of his writings were published locally. After 34 years of service in the Geyserville Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, he retired to help take care of his ill mother. He continued to support GVFD as an Emeritus member and blood donor.

He was known for his humor, his stories, and the black vests he wore. He enjoyed helping others, gardening, music, and adding to his extensive quotes collection.

Friends and family may join us in a Celebration of Mark’s Life on Saturday, 2/5/22 at 2pm, at the Geyserville Grange/Oriental Hall(1000 CA-128, Geyserville,CA 95441).

Mark’s generous spirit reached many people and charities. Donations in his name may be made to the Northern Sonoma County Fire Dept. Donating blood, paying for the person behind you in line, and celebrating Groundhog Day, are some ways you can help honor Mark’s legacy.

Mark Grandy

Mark Grandy

Tribute to Mark Grandy

by Melanie Hall

During a recent interview, when asked: “Who were the greatest influences on your life and why?”, Mark Grandy replied: “My parents, without whom I would not exist, and Japanese imperialism of the 1930s & 1940s, without which my life would have been very different. I’ve come to view my life as an accidental one, responding to circumstances and opportunities that have come my way, and somehow managing to survive. I’ve had some incredible experiences, and some wonderful friends. As with most people, there have been heart-rending difficult experiences, too. If I have a “Superpower”, it is that I most clearly remember those positive and happy experiences of my life.”
Mark’s favorite accomplishments were finding and marrying his wife and having his daughter. When Mark was going to Cal Berkeley, he got a job in a donut shop and that is how he met his wife and best friend.

When I asked Mark what five words he thought described him best he hesitated long enough for my friend Anna and me to describe him. Our words for him are compassionate, giving, loving, kind and unselfish. With tears in his eyes, Mark responded that he turned out to be the person he is because of his parents.

It was Mark Grandy who arranged for a cool ride with the Cloverdale Police Department for 101-year-old Ann Gillis and a ride with the Cloverdale Fire Department for 100-year-old Erma Burden. He was responsible for the happy birthday message to both of these young women on the Citrus Fair marquee and made sure that both Ann and Erma had a special birthday cake. He is the person responsible for spearheading the City Council to issue a proclamation for Ann Gillis on her 100th birthday and presented it to her.

Mark finished my interview with these words; “I HAVE given a lot of thought to my life in recent years. Robert Burns’s poem (“To a Mouse”) comes to mind: “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley [go often astray].” Mark passed peacefully October 19.

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