February 6, 1991 – January 5, 2008

Here we are into “2022” and we are glad to see life slowly getting back to normal.

It is good to see people out and about for holiday events, kids playing sports, our community supporting each other, seeing family and friends, Vickey’s Elves and many more things we are grateful for that remind us of you.

We wish you were here and miss you and so many little things about you:   like your funny faces and imitations, your sense of humor, your concern for everyone (including ALL animals), a partner who loves to watch scary movies, collecting pigs, holding kids, Chai Tea Frappuccinos, Ugg boots, playing sports as a team, taking Bully sticks from Lucky, taking the gang to Konocti to see concerts, being our Cinderella, being sad watching “The Little Princess”.  But most of all, loving us with all of your heart.

On Jan. 5, we will be planting another Manzanita at the Cloverdale River Park, which is becoming beautiful over the years…just another thing that you would love to do, Court.

“Life is only as bad as you make it”