They build our hearts, souls and futures. They shape who we are and how we as “mothers” ourselves pass this same nurturing to our children.
Our mom, Ann Smith, is one of the perfect ones…
She is the most loving person. She will go out of her way to do for others before she would think of doing for
herself. Cherishes her children and grandchildren –
passing on her open heart to them as well.
Our mom is crazy too, must be where I get it! She is the go-getter of the family, I should say both Mom and Dad are. Work from sun up to sun down in the yard and
garden. She is a fashion queen! Loves to shop and she always looks beautiful, easy for her!
Mom knits baby caps and blankets for new mothers that she donates to the local hospitals. She volunteered her time at the Cloverdale Senior Center and also Meals on Wheels. She visits elderly and brings things to those that are unable to go out into the community on their own.
She is loved by so many, her family, friends and those that have just met her.
My mom— oh how we love her so much!!
Lori Smith-Freitas, Daughter
Gregg Smith, Son