October Puzzle Solution Word Scramble


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Cloverdale Connect Word Scramble

Unscramble each word: aerirvuinssr mhcreab ndedhglaiasaa hngarerucmhbar dflhiegiivnrtya irtiucsfra casohrw ievrmanis jnrdeaaepaoknlnav rlstuilrutaepc fepriratreoctmngresn allonlaeacyelxftvdieemryis tcneenrsiroe yeutoogtrrlce raitcypk paspaaipzz hcadrraeeaw...

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“I was pleased to find this premiere edition of your new Community Newspaper. I appreciate your courtesy of enquiring about our interests and opinions. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your survey so easily. I think you are on to something. May this endeavor be all that you are hoping for and more.”