Have you gotten your vaccine yet? I did and what a feeling of relief. As I write this, I am on the Oregon coast visiting my daughter and her family whom I’ve hardly seen in the last year.
We are now fully into Spring with things budding and blooming all around town. As you’ll read inside this issue of Cloverdale Connect, the Community Garden is looking for a new site. Let’s find them a new location – the garden is such an asset for the entire community. In my own yard, I’ve recently
planted dinner plate Dahlias for the first time and look forward to them blooming. This is our annual gardening issue so look for some great information inside.
There’s talk about Friday Night Live perhaps starting up again at some point this summer, we have indoor (limited) seating for restaurants, fingers crossed we may get to go to the movies soon in town, and the school situation is in transition – all good signs for our community.
As always, continue to stay safe, wear a mask and be kind.
I’ll see you around town!